Multifuel boiler


A new boiler manufactured by Orlanski is a universal appliance designed to combust solid fuels.  It is made of boiler steel in accordance with EN 303 – 5 norm and is equipped with a uniquely constructed cast iron grill.

Depending on the components, the boiler can be used to combust short flamed solid fuels, such as: coal, wood, wood briquettes, or coke as well as pellet biomass when used as a pellet option.

As an option the boiler can have a copper cooling coil installed that allows the boiler to be installed in a pressurized system.

The boiler has a 70-litre loading chamber, capable of combusting wood logs up to 50cm long. A large heat exchanger surface of two water shelves ensures high effi ciency and productivity of the boiler.


  • Primary fuel: wood, coal and coke
  • Up to 85% efficient
  • Minimal ash residue
  • Large loading capacity 75l
  • Length of wooden blocks: 50cm

Fuel used

Boiler construction

   1. Heat exchanger metal cover
2. Secondary air regulation
3. Ashtray door
4. Primary air fl ap
5. Ashtray
6. Iron cast grill
7. Plate exchanger
8. Chimney fl ue
9. Hot water outlet
10. Return water outlet
11. Draft regulator

Technical specification

Parameters Value
    Boiler class 1
    Efficiency [%] up to 85
    Permissible operating pressure [bar] 2,5
    Maximum temperature [°C] 90
    Minimum return temperature [°C] 60
    Water capacity in the boiler [l] 60
    Boiler weight [kg] 305
    Loading chamber capacity [l] 70
    Upper door size [mm] 300x300
    Diameter of chimney flue [mm] 160
    Boiler power feed inner thread [inch] 5/4
    Boiler return inner thread [inch] 5/4
    Drain pipe inner thread [inch] 1/2

Heat power

Parameters Value
   Heat power – wood [kW] 22
   Heat power – coal [kW] 25
   Heat power – coke [kW] 30

Time of fuel combustion

Parameters Value
    Operating boiler – wood [hrs] 2-4
    Operating boiler – coal [hrs] 4-8
    Operating boiler – coke [hrs] 4-8



 ORLIGNO 100 (30 kW)


ORLIGNO 100 (50 kW)

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