Pellet boiler

To burn wood pellets in the best conditions we introduce the ORLIGNO 400. The ORLIGNO 400 is one of the most reliable boilers on the market.

It operates in a similar way to gas and oil boilers depending on heat demand.

Automatic ignition in a stainless steel burner and modulated power ensures efficient operation throughout the year.

Its design was developed specifically for the combustion of organic pellets. In contrast to many other boilers with combustion of this fuel is not only an adaptation of a multi-fuel boiler but has a proven dedicated design for pellets.

Both the body and the heat exchanger were designed from the ground up to pellets meet the specific parameters of the pellet burner.

Using a precisely designed tubular heat exchanger, vertically embedded in a compact round body it ensures high-efficiency whilst maintaining a compact size.

 Fuel used

Boiler construction

  1. Boiler controller
2. Pellet tank
3. External auger
4. Feeding pipe
5. Burner
      6. Lever for burner cleaning
   7. Burner bin
   8. Tube exchanger
   9. Turbulators
10. Chimney flue

Technical specification

Rated power [kW] 16 30
    Chimney flue [Ø mm] 133 149
    Fuel pellets
    Power range [kW] 3,9 - 16  8 - 30  
    Efficiency [%] 89,4 91,8
    Boiler class acc. EN 303-5 3
    Max temp. [°C] 80
    Minimum return temperature [°C] 60
    Maximum working pressure [bar] 2,5
    Chimney draught [Pa] 10
    Tank capacity [l] 450
    Burning period [hrs] 90 70
    Fuel consumption – nominal power [kg/h] 3,5 6,7
    Fuel consumption – minimal power [kg/h] 0,9 1,75
    Exhaust gases – nominal power [°C] 145 170
    Exhaust gases – minimal power [°C] 80 84



 ORLIGNO 400 (16kW)

ORLIGNO 400 (30 kW)



Burner automatic control panel is a modern microprocessor system which not only controls the boiler but also the central heating system and hot water for domestic use.

The appliance steers the combustion process by supplying a suitable amount of air and fuel. Thanks to the application of semiconducting transmitters, the power of the fan is well regulated. The system can be easily adjusted to the needs of the heating system.


Control panel - a large graphic FSTN display, large font and icons make the appliance user-friendly.

Two types of menu - basic and advanced. While using the appliance on an everyday basis, it can be controlled from the level of the easily accessible basic menu.

INFO button - the regulator is equipped with an intelligent help function. Every parameter is described, the description can be viewed after pressing INFO button.

Modularly built CAN regulator – thanks to the application of CAN main industrial data exchange (used mainly in the demanding automotive trade), the extension of control system is possible.
  Maximum extension is: 16 heating circuits, 4 hot water for domestic use circuits and 4 energy buffers.

A modern, productive 32-bit ARM processor - (ARM technology is widely used in mobile phones) enables the advanced control over the Fuzzy Logic II algorithm.

Alarms and errors record - the regulator keeps a record of the 20 most recent alarms and errors, including the description, creation and confi rmation dates.

Clock and calendar - the clock allows weekly programming of the required room and hot water for domestic temperatures. This ensures
fi nancial savings when it comes to purchasing fuel.
  Statistics - the regulator stores in its memory statistical data relating to system operations enabling efficient working and fuel savings. For example, the supervision of the boiler temperature and burner power, fuel feeder working time.

Alarm sounding - a built-in speaker sounds when there is an emergency situation within the boiler which improves the safety of the appliance when in use.

Restoration of factory settings - allows you to restore factory settings of the regulator.

Status light - signals each phase of the operating burner.



The uniquely-designed 16 to 30 kW pellet burner is the result of the many years’ experience of Scandinavian engineers. The chute burner, with a bin made of heat-resistant steel and proportionally- placed air inlet holes, allows economical and clean combustion.

A ceramic igniter allows quick ignition of the fuel, and the fl ame is immediately detected by the photocell. The compact structure of the burner allows easy sliding in and out of the boiler chamber, and a lever placed below the burner bin is used to remove pellet dust to the burner cody.



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