Pellets are processed sawdust which is pressed under high pressure to strongly compact the energy. The process does not require any binders to be added. Pellets have high calorific value and low moisture content. After combustion, 1 ton of pellets generates approx. 4 kg of ecological ashes which can be used as natural fertilizer. Pellets are environmentally friendly as their production does not require additional clearing of forests.

Pellets are available in:

  • 15 kg bags,
  • Big-Bags (1200 kg) or as requested,
  • Bulk packed.


Pellets have the following properties:

  • Moisture content: less than 10%
  • Diameter: 6 mm, 8 mm
  • Length: up to 45 mm
  • Very low ash content: up to 0.32%
  • Gross calorific value: approx. 20 kJ/kg
  • Heating value: approx. 18 J/g
  • Bulk density: over 650 kg/m³


Advantages of using Pellets are plentiful:

  • Comfort, lack of dirt and convenience during transport and use;
  • Low emission of carbon dioxide during combustion;
  • Use of a renewable source of energy;
  • Combusted in self-operating boilers;
  • There are approx. 4 kg of ashes generated from 1 ton of combusted pellets, combustion of the same amount of coal or fine coal produces almost a double amount of ashes and slag;
  • Continuous availability and easy purchasing.


The presence of dynamically growing pellets market and increasing prices of energy, heating oil and gas, make more and more people interested in pellets as the source of energy. Every year there are several thousands of new pellets users (including families, owners of hotels, shops, restaurants, bakeries and confectionery, herb and fruit drying facilities) becoming convinced of their advantages.

Our pellets is certified according to the norm DIN PLUS.

Pellets are packed on a pallet with size 120x100 in quantity
70 pcs = 1050 kg / 1 pallet and shrink-wrapped with covering on the top.


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