Galvanised feeder Pellas®X


Feeder is an integrated part of a burner. It is designed for transporting pellet type materials, granulated between 6-8 mm, like oat or stone. An auger which lifts pellet from fuel hopper goes through whole length of the feeder. Then it applies pellet to Pellas®X burner according to preset values on the controller in periodical time intervals. Thanks to such design of the feeder, possibilities of boiler and fuel hopper arrangement largely increase. It solves a problem of modernized boiler-rooms, where it is often necessary to adapt boilers.


  • High efficiency
  • Made of galvanized steel – higly resistant to corrosion
  • Energy efficient – just 25W of consumed power
  • Working angle from 0° to 60°
  • Standard length 2 or 3 meters, depending on burner, can be extended on order,
    up to 10 meters to allow for adaptation to dimensions of boiler-room or fuel hopper.




Burners housing notified to the Patent Office.
They have industrial design registration certificates.
Protection certificates for a trademark and obtained the right to utility model protection.
Products complies with EU directives, holding a CE safety mark.

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