Fuel hoppers Pellas®X


Fuel hoppers Pellas®X are made of galvanized steel, with a regulated, movable outlet, allowing for feeder angle adjustment. They are designed to store pellet, oat and stone. The fuel hopper has upper lid and two bolts allowing for cleaning the outlet of hopper from sawdust. High durability of the material, resistance to weight, tightness of construction, big slip in a funnel drain and easiness to maintain cleanness, are the advantages of fuel hoppers made of steel. It is particularly important for pellet stored in damp rooms. Steel construction protects against sparks, it means that such a hopper can be placed near boiler.

In our offer we have hoppers in three dimensions:



Our silos are adjusted to easy and quick assembly and disassembly and are adapted to feeder of  Pellas®X burner. Fuel hopper with 300l capacity in heating period by average fuel consumption should be enough for burner operation for 7 days*.

The fuel hopper is foldable and easy to transport, when disassembled it can be carried in a small boot of a car. There is a user’s manual attached to the silo, which helps in easy and self-made assembly of the silo. Silos are also very narrow and can be carried into a storage-room or a boiler-room through standard door. The charge on top and feeder at the bottom allow for gradual enlargement of the silo according to needs.

An extension of 150l (65x65x55) for the 300l fuel hopper is also available. It allows for enlargement of the silo to 450l.

*data for mid-size household 

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