Yellow PER-EKO boilers – what are they?

Yellow PER-EKO boilers are modern high efficiency heat generating devices, designed to heat water with heat generated in the process of combustion of fossil fuels.

PER-EKO boilers are low temperature boilers as outlet water temperature does not surpass 95°C (368°K).

PER-EKO boilers are designed for use in residential premises, cottages, manufacturing and warehouse objects as well as within admin istrative and social buildings.


How are PER-EKO boilers fuelled?

All of PER-EKO boilers are devices designed for the combustion of fossil fuels. Depending upon the structure, particular series, boilers are designed to combust various types of fuels, such as:

• hard coal
• fine coal
• seasoned wood
• crushed coal
• coal/coke mixture
• coal/fines mixture
• Barlinecki pellet
• brown coal
• hard coal briquette
• brown coal briquette
• biomass briquettes
• edgings, chips
• oats
• anthracite

Recommended basic fuels and alternative fuels are specified within descriptions of the given series of boilers. We adopted the following convention:

basic fuel fuel,

which guarantees the achievement of optimal parameters of the boiler, the nominal power and the highest service comfort.

alternative fuel,

it is possible to use it temporarily in the case of the lack of basic fuel. It should be remembered that alternative fuel does not guarantee the achievement of parameters specified in the technical documentation of a boiler and may generate problems connected to the exploitation and maintenance of boiler cleanliness.

alternative fuel for combustion within the emergency combustion chamber in the boilers of series KSR/KSRM and KSP Duo.

do not use,

– fuel, the adoption of which may result with the lowering of parameters or permanent damage of boilers as well as invalidation of the guarantee of the exploited device.


What are yellow boilers PER-EKO made of and how are they made?

All of PER-EKO boilers are designed and built in accordance with the provisions of the Polish Standard PN-EN 303-5. The basic manufacturing material is constituted by steel (of the thickness of 5, 6, 8 and 10 mm) used for pressurized devices intended to work in higher temperature P265GH (boiler operation sheet). boiler combustion chambers and doors are made of grey cast iron EN-GJL-150. External panels are made of galvanized steel sheet of the thickness of 0,7 mm and painted with the application of powder paint coating technology.

Our boilers are classified according to three categories, depending on the combustion method of the loaded fuel and on the boiler structure:

  boilers with “upper” combustion – in which heated combustion gases leave the combustion chamber through the upper section, passing through the entire layer of the loaded fuel (boilers of the following series: KSW, KSW Plus, KSW Plus Top and KSX).

  boilers with “bottom” combustion – in which heated combustion gases leave the combustion chamber in its bottom part, failing to pass through the entire layer of the loaded fuel, but passing only through its part, which directly participates in the combustion process (boilers of KSD series).

•  boilers of KSR and KSRM series make use of the automaticretort combustion process of the fuel loaded in the container. All of PER-EKO boilers are equipped with convection ducts, the option of the so-called extended fuel circulation, thanks to which the heat of the hot combustion gases does not escape ineffectively into the chimney duct – it is maximally used to heat the heating medium, i.e. water.

•  hybrid boilers (double-chamber) KSP Duo – innovative feeding and chutting devices with a horizontal burner in the shape of the letter W and a combustion zone controlling device (the so-called “fireman”) as well as a reverse fuel feeder.


How to select a yellow PER-EKO boiler suitable for one’s own needs?

We purchase a boiler every several or several dozen years – the selection of its power and type is a very important decision, the effects of which remain for many years. Currently, we manufacture several dozen types of yellow PER-EKO boilers, the fact that allows us for an optimal selection of this device and its adjustment to the needs of a potential user. While selecting a boiler the following aspects should be taken into consideration:


– fuel, which we want to combust and its price and availability in the area. Every boiler has its basic fuel, which ensures the achievement of optimal operation parameters and alternative fuel, which may be applied temporarily in the case of lack of the basic fuel. It must be remembered that the application of alternative fuel may not ensure the achievement of the boiler parameters specified within the technical documentation as well as may generate some exploitation problems, such as the maintenance of cleanliness of the chimney duct and the boiler itself.

Important information, which should also be taken into consideration, is the quality of fuel. It is significant especially in the case of combusting of coal, fine coal and crushed coal. Attention should be paid to the class, type and assortment of the abovementioned types of fuel. The better the fuel quality, the lesser its wear, the bigger the boiler’s efficiency and more comfortable the operation.


– it is the total surface area of the heated rooms multiplied by their height. boiler power should be optimally adjusted to the given cubature. Installation of the boiler with too excessive power reservoir is not recommended.


– isolation of foundations and floors, insulation of walls, ceilings and roof as well as tightness and thermal insulation of doors and windows. The better the thermal insulation of a building, the lesser the requirement for the heat and the lesser the power of the installed central heating installation boiler.


– additional heat manufacturing devices, which will be fed with the heat generated from the installed central heating installation boiler. A very important issue is constituted by the size of the hot utility water exchanger (a popular boiler) as well as the type of the central heating installation mounted in the building. Depending on the total surface area of the rooms to be heated, floor central heating installation generates greater requirement for heat by several percent.

As illustrated above, proper selection of power of the installed boiler is not a simple issue. In order to make it simpler, we render available on our website a CALCULATOR function, which will help You select the proper type of a yellow PER-EKO boiler suitable for Your needs. Moreover, we think that it is best to make the decision on the type of the yellow PER-EKO boiler to be purchased after some consultation and with the assistance of an experienced installer.


How to operate a yellow PER-EKO boiler?

All of our devices are user-friendly. Even the simplest structure of KSW series is equipped with a mobile lever, which facilitates the process of chamber cleaning. The smallest boiler of this series with the power of 5 kW and 9 kW is equipped with a sliding drawer, the fact that significantly simplifies the removal of ashes. Series KSW Plus, KSW Plus Top, KSX and KSD are constructions equipped with a fan and an electric driver. These devices autonomously control the combustion process and maintain the boiler’s efficiency and effectiveness at a high level. Moreover, boilers of KSD series have a specially constructed big combustion chamber and big chutting doors, which allow for a comfortable loading of chunks of woods or chopped logs of the length of up to 400 mm.

Depending on the type of the installed electric driver (information on available drivers may be found in the sales department), there is a possibility to control the entire hydraulic installation, central heating installation pump, pump of hot utility water exchanger, room detector with the application of fully automatic manner as well as to set the boiler to the summer or winter mode. Automation of the combustion process allows for a significant lengthening of the period of unaltered combustion characteristics – the period of constant work of the boiler without the need to refill the fuel. boilers which are not equipped with the electronic control of the combustion process ensure the period of unaltered combustion characteristics at the level of up to 10 hours. boilers equipped with a fan and an electric driver allow for lengthening of this period even up to 26 hours. However, it should be remembered that a huge role is played by the quality of the combusted fuel.

The simplest devices manufactured by the company of PER-EKO are boilers of KSP Duo series, whose operation is limited to the selection of fuel in a LOGIC driver as well as to the control of fuel and its products resulting from the combustion process. The period of unaltered combustion characteristics of PER-EKO boiler FEEDING amounts to more than 120 hours (in winter) and more than 240 hours (in summer).

Of course, in each case it depends on the quality of the combusted fuel, external temperature and on the number of operated heat manufacturing devices inside a building. Taking into consideration the user’s comfort and technical parameters of the rooms, which will house the installed boilers of series KSP Duo, KSR or KSRM, we enable our clients to purchase a boiler with a fuel reservoir installed on its right or left side. All of the boiler types require periodical cleaning of the combustion chamber and convection ducts. Carrying out of these actions at the time recommended in the boiler’s technical documentation has a great influence on the boiler’s correct and effective work as well as on the length of the period of its use.



What is the four-way valve and why should it be used?

The valve mixes hot water from the boiler with cooler water, which returns from the central heating installation. The application of the valve brings many profits, allowing for the maintenance of the optimal temperature of the heating factor, which additionally protects the boiler against corrosion. It also contributes to fuel saving, which results in the fact that the investment into the four-way valve is refunded quickly.


What types of drivers may be found in yellow PER-EKO boilers?

In yellow PER-EKO boilers there is a possibility to mount electric control devices, beginning with the simplest two-functional devices and ending with developed multi-functional working regulators of the boiler and of the entire central heating installation.

• SP-06 LOGIC (fan, central heating installation pump, hot current water pump, room regulator)

• SP-16 LOGIC (fan, central heating installation pump, hot current water pump, room regulator, driver is equipped with an LCD screen)

• SP-24 LOGIC (fan, feeder, central heating installation pump, hot current water pump, floor pump, room regulator)

• ST-81 PID (fan, central heating installation pump, hot current water pump)

• ST-37 (feeder, 2 pumps, room driver)

• ST-40 (feeder, 4 pumps, room driver, weekly control)

• ST-42 (feeder, 4 pumps, room driver, weekly control, mixing valves



What is the difference between a LOGIC driver and a double status driver?

"LOGIC” technology allows for lowering of the fuel consumption level even with 30% and maintaining of a stable temperature. By the adequate fuel combustion (after-burning of oxides), the system reduces the emission of harmful substances to the atmosphere. A moment after heating up, the boiler with the SP-24 regulator achieves the highest efficiency and automatically adjusts to working conditions.



 Why every yellow PER-EKO boiler is considered to be a safe device?

While talking about the safety, one has to take different aspects of this issue into consideration:

Yellow PER-EKO boilers are environmentally safe devices

All the types of boilers have attests of emission and energetic tests issued by two most important testing institutions in Poland. boilers of  KSW and KSW Plus series are currently tested by Instytut Energetyki Oddział Techniki Cieplnej ITC in Łódź and were granted certificates of compliance with the requirements of energetic efficiency of Polish norms and regulations.

They also conform to the requirements within the scope of safe exploitation, thermal functioning and CO emission in class 1 (i.e. the highest class, which meets the strictest requirements and parameters). boilers of series KSR, KSX and KSP Duo are tested by the Institute For Chemical Processing of Coal (Instytut Chemicznej Przeróbki Węgla) in Zabrze and have certificates of “ecological safety mark” (commonly referred to as the “a green apple”). The fact that our devices have these documents, places them among environmentally-friendly and safe devices.

Yellow PER-EKO boilers are safe for the user

Our boilers for the central heating installation have several types of protection:

• installation protection – the boilers may be installed in a closed (diaphragm) system if a device removing the excessive heat is additionally installed – a cooling DBV valve and a safety valve 1,5 atm.

• mechanical protection – is connected with the boilers of KSP Duo, KSR and KSRM series and functions after mounting of a protective bolt (cotter pin), which is broken when a perpetual screw in the fuel feeder is blocked. Such a solution protects the motoreducer device against damage.

• protection against the heat withdrawal – KSP Duo boilers are equipped with a flame extinguishing system, which is activated when the feeder’s pipe achieves a dangerous temperature of 60°C.

• electronic protection – is connected with the following series: KSW Plus, KSW Plus Top, KSX, KSD, KSP Duo, KSR and KSRM – all of the types of boilers equipped with an electronic driver. It functions after mounting of the temperature detector when the heating medium temperature surpasses 80°C. Moreover, the boilers of KSR, KSRM and KSP Duo series have an additional detector, which protects the device against the flame withdrawal within the feeder.

It must not be forgotten, however, that the safe boiler exploitation depends mainly on the user. A careful reading of the attached user’s manual (Technical and Functional Documentation) and its observance will allow for an unproblematic and long-term exploitation.
We pay particular attention to:

• the maintenance of the temperature in which the device works at the level not lower than 57°C,

• the application of the four-way valve at the place of connection of the yellow PER-EKO boiler with the central heating installation.


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