W9A 12,8 kW

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  • Built-in damper with lock, which allows to adjust the chimney draft and prevents volatilizing smoke into the room.
  • Deflector which extend the way of exhaust gases and incerease heating efficiency. 
  • Removable back wall.
  • Door with mounted heat-resistant glass can withstand temperatures up to 800°C.
  • Adjustable flow of air through the ash.  
  • Fireplace insert made of gray cast iron species with a minimum wall thickness of 10 mm. 
  • Densely arranged radiators, increasing surface area and power input.


Contributions iron are devices for solid fuel. It can be installed either as a stand-alone as well as an additional heat source. Due to the design the only possible fuel that can be used is hardwood oak, hornbeam, beech. Use dry wood with a moisture content lower than 20% (this applies to wood stored for two years in a dry place and ventilated). Wood with increased humidity causes bad combustion and rapid staining the glass and the flue. Wood such is less effective and produces more creosote.


Technical parameters


Model Power Weight External dimensions:
of gas flue
W9A 12,8 kW 90 kg 680x520x400 504x317x4 120 m² - 300 m³ 180 mm



Fuel used

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