K7 Kronos 9 kW

  • Cast iron grate, cast iron fireplace, functional ash pan.
  • The rear exit exhaust.

  • Whole some hearth providing high accumulation of heat.

  • Dual regulation of the flow of air into the furnace (the system of pure glass).

  • The door is mounted heat-resistant glass can withstand temperatures up to 800 °C.

  • The deflector, which extends the exhaust gas path and increases the heating efficiency of the furnace.

Stoves exist with us for centuries. This is not only a source of heat, but also a unique decorative element which perfectly fits the atmosphere of the family house. Keep in mind that once the stove is hot it can provide heat for up to 24 hours! Through the use of modern technology, it becomes not only a perfect complement to the classical methods of heating, but it can also provide their effective alternative.

Tiled stoves are used for heating houses and small commercial and service warehouses using solid fuels. A wide range of models allows flexible arrangement of any interior to create an atmosphere of comfort, aesthetics and heat. Nominal heat output was calculated on the basis of research conducted on the basis of the standard PN-EN 13240:2008. Achieving the expected power depends on the use of proper fuel, with adequate caloric and humidity, its lighting and metering, regulating the flow of air over the chimney, as well as the organization of an efficient heat removal.


Technical parameters


Model Power Weight External dimensions:
of gas flue
K7 Kronos
   9 kW 240 kg 860x1210x500 307x500 90 m² - 225 m³  150 mm



Fuel used

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