Steel, three-pass boiler intended for lower combustion of wood.


The body of the boiler is made from approved steel plates using state-of-the-art metalworking technology.

The design of the boiler is based on a high-efficiency, firetube heat exchanger.

A heating column of a large heating surface, characteristic for Heiztechnik products, which reduces tendency to condensation, is located over the boiler firebox

A roomy firebox allows easy loading of large amounts of wood with logs up to 50 cm (20 in.) in length.  
Lower combustion allows boiler operation with constant power irrespective of the quantity of loaded wood. An well selected system of secondary air connected with steel elements functioning as catalysts improves combustion efficiency and causes almost complete combustion of particles contained in the fuel.
A forced airflow system based on modulated operation of a forced draught fan allows smooth control of the boiler power and affects combustion quality. The boiler operation is controlled by an advanced automatic control system which, depending on the equipment version, controls the domestic hot water pump and the heating cycle pump, as well as a mixing valve which can operate in weather mode. A room thermostat on which room temperature is set can be connected to the controller. The use of such controller stabilizes temperature in the room and reduces fuel consumption. The automatic control system is equipped with the boiler firing-up program. 

Fuel used



Regulaor tronic HT 400 series is designed to control the combustion process in blowing boilers that burn wood and clum coal as well as universal boilers. The controller has a very simple operation menu , as well as has all the features necessary for proper operation of the boiler. Additionally controller has a built-in module of domestic hot water (DHW), which allows for programming, and controlls current temperature and the temperature in the hot water tank.

 The user has at his disposal a simple and functional control panel for programming the operating temperature within a wide range and valve control. In order to improve the safety of the controller - HT 400 series can operate emergency thermostat, which also protects the boiler.

Basic dimensions and technical data

Rated power [kW] 20 30 40
    Power range [kW] 6 - 20 9 - 30 12 - 40
    Max. operating temp. [°C] 85 85 85
    Water capacity [L] 95 115 125
    Min. smokestack draught  [Pa] 27 29 31
    System connection [”] 1 1/2 1 1/2 1 1/2
    Smokestack connection  [mm] 200 200 200
    Mass of the boiler [kg] 315 360 385
    Width of the boiler [cm] 68 68 68
    Depth of the body [cm] 76 86 96
    Height of the body [cm] 139 139 139
    Height to centre of smokestack [cm] 110 110 110
    Height of return nozzle [cm] 36,5 36,5 36,5
    Width of the hearth [cm] 50 50 50
    Height of the hearth [cm] 63 63 63
    Depth of the hearth [cm] 31 36 49



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