EG-Pellet MINI

EG-PELLET MINI is an automatic heating device meant to burn pellet with drop type burner mounted on the side of the boiler. Thanks to the tubular design of the heat exchanger, the boiler has much better efficiency compared to the traditional plate heat exchangers. Innovative heat exchanger cleaning system is activated with a lever mounted on the front of the boiler.

The boiler has an aesthetically made compact casing and free-standing fuel tank. (capacity 300l).



  • Vigh  efficiency  of  the  device  >90%.
  • Built-in  heat  exchanger  cleaning  system.
  • Innovative  design,  compact  appearance.
  • 5  year  warranty  for  heat  exchanger.
  • Additional  fire-grate  for  burning  wood and wood chippings.


Fuel used


Section of the boiler

  1. Isolation
2. Water jacket
3. Cast iron fire grate
4. Retort type burner
5. Cleaning system

Heat exchanger
cleaning system lever.
  Cast iron fire grate that allows to burn wood pieces without the need to extinguish the pellet burner.

Technical specification

MODEL EG-Pellet MINI 16 EG-Pellet MINI 24 EG-Pellet MINI 35
    Power [kW] 16 24 35
    Boiler efficiency [%] >90% >90% >90%
    Approximate heating surface [м²] up to 200 up to 300 up to 400
    Unitary fuel usage [kg/h] 3,2 4,3 5,6
    Threaded connections [inch] 5/4 5/4 5/4
    Water capacity [dm³] 71 80 107
    Height of the flue axis [mm] 1150 1250 1650
    Exhaust output diameter [mm] 160 160 160
    Exhaust temp. during nominal/minimal operat. [°C] 200/160 200/160 200/160
    Width [mm] 590 590 590
    Width with burner mounted [mm] 845 845 845
    Depth [mm] 705 705 705
    Height [mm] 1330 1430 1830
    Required exhaust draught [Pa] 10-20 10-20 10-20
    Minimal chimney height [m] 5 5 5
    Required chimney section [см²] 250 250 250
    Allowed working temperature [°C] 90 90 90
    Minimal temperature of water return [°C] 46 46 46
    Maximum working pressure [Mpa] 0,35 0,35 0,35
    Testing pressure [bar] 5 5 5
    Class of the boiler 3



Temperature controller ST–717 is intended for use with pellet boilers for central heating equipped with LESTER type burner. It controls water circulation pump, domestic hot water pump, heater and main and auxiliary fuel feeders. It can operate with two 3- or 4-way valves, room controller, GSM module or Ethernet module. The advantage of the controller is the ease of use. The user can change all parameters using a pulser knob. Another advantage is a large and easy-to-read display where the current boiler operation is shown.

The ST-717zPID controller is a unit with a continuous output signal using a modified PID control algorithm. In this type of controller the blowing power is calculated by measuring the boiler temperature and the flue gas temperature as measured at the outlet of the boiler. The fan is run continuously and the blowing power depends directly on the measured temperature of the boiler, the flue gas temperature and the difference between these parameters and their set-points. The advantages of a modified PID controller include the ability to maintain a stable set-point temperature without any unnecessary overshoot or oscillations.
When using this type of controller equipped with a flue gas outlet sensor fuel savings can be achieved from a few percent up to around 15 percent with the output water temperature kept at a very stable label, resulting in longer life of the exchanger (boiler). As the flue gas temperature at the boiler outlet is controlled this results in low emissions of dust and gases that are harmful to the environment. The thermal energy of the flue gas is not wasted and released into the chimney, but is instead used for heating.





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